Pat Parker - 1976 - ©2018

1. Scared and runnin’, movin’ on
There ain’t no fun in feelin’ driven down
Oh, into the ground
I finally get the picture, there is nothin’ left to say
We both paid our dues, It’s my turn to turn and walk away

Now I’m on a slow train – headed south
I’ve got my reasons for goin’ and I’ve got my doubts
You know there ain’t no way, of gettin’ back to you
If there were I would stay one more day
See this whole thing through

2. Took down your picture – tried to throw it out
Still hangs inside my mind - Somethin’ I’ll do without
Split things we got together – yours and mine
A few I don’t care to remember
The ones I leave behind


This is April’s favorite of all the songs written by her husband, Pat. He wrote it several years before they met. Pat actually wrote a 3rd verse in 2009, but she prefers the more poignant version with just 2 verses.