Eileen Rocci – 2013 © 2018

How I love the tall trees, dark against the sky!
Cedars and sequoias - favorites of mine.
Hawks and geese a’flyin, the wind feels like the fall
And I wonder in the beauty of it all.

Is it times that are a’changin’ – is it me?
Are there things in life that we can’t even see?
Is there really purpose in each day - work for us to do?
I wonder about it all. Do you?

There’s a place inside where God speaks and only I can hear,
But only when I listen, although He’s always near.
Even though I wonder He makes sense out of it all,
But I have to stop and listen when He calls.

Early in the morning, sometimes late at night,
I think about the life I live and how I spend my time.
And I wonder, what would Jesus do if it were Him instead of me?
And I think of what it cost to set me free.