Pat Parker - 2008 - ©2018

1. Wrecked my old pickup truck
Sold my grandpa’s Chevrolet
They were both transportation
They didn’t help me, no, they didn’t help me
They didn’t help me to get away

2. I heard you called me on the telephone
Got your email yesterday
They say it’s sweet – all that talking seems to me
That it don’t help me, no, it don’t help me
It don’t help me communicate

3. Two cups of coffee in the morning
Afternoon a cool lemonade
Tonight I’ve had enough, but I’m still drinking
And that don’t help me, no, that don’t help me
Make this thirsting go away

4. But that all fades with this feeling
‘Cause it’s been goin’ on so long
It’s like I’m on a line and you’re reelin’
Reelin’ me home, it’s how I know I’m not alone
And that helps me to carry on

5. I wrecked my old pickup truck
Got your email yesterday
And when I’ve had enough and you’re out there reelin’
Reelin’ me home, it’s how I know I’m not alone
And it helps me to carry on
Wrecked my old pickup truck...


April’s husband, Pat wrote this song for her. At first it was simply titled, “April” but soon changed to the more rustic title, “Pickup Truck”. April appreciates his reference (in the 4th verse) to the way that partners help one another through the ups and downs of life.