Misty Mamas

Misty Mamas

Meet the Mamas

Katherin Nitsch

Katherine Nitsch,
lead and harmony vocals, guitar, bass & ukulele

Katherine Nitsch: lead and harmony vocals, guitar, bass & ukulele
Katherine lives in Vancouver, WA, and has two grown daughters. She holds a master's degree in speech pathology and worked in the Battle Ground School District in WA state. Her musical history of singing and playing guitar with bandmate Carol Harley goes back to college days in the late 1960's at The University of Oregon. The two friends helped found and performed with The Sterling Generation. Katherine grew up singing and dancing with many groups over the years including the Norman Leyden Pops Singers. As a multi-instrumentalist, and a student of bluegrass since 1997, Katherine supplies dependable solid rhythm for the band. Her rich lead voice and stunning vocal harmony arrangements provide distinctive qualities to The Misty Mamas. The band recorded one of Katherine’s original songs on their “Wild Rose Of The Mountain” CD.

April Parker

April Parker,
lead and harmony vocals, mandolin & accordion

April Parker: lead and harmony vocals, mandolin & accordion
April, a group therapist at Unity Behavioral Health, lives in Portland, OR, and has a grown daughter. She met Carol Harley in 2004 at a local bluegrass jam in Ridgefield, WA. They became instant friends and jamming buddies singing, playing and harmonizing at every chance they could. April’s strong pleasing lead voice anchors the harmonies of many of the band’s bluegrass songs. Her mandolin’s precise, yet graceful leads and solid chops keep the energy up through the popular bluegrass songs. April’s musical background started with piano at the age of six. She sang in choir at Willamette University, where she received a degree in music therapy, and went on to earn a master‘s degree in counseling psychology through Antioch University, Seattle. April also plays accordion and is a gifted songwriter with an original song on Misty Mamas’ CD "Wild Rose of the Mountain".

Eileen Rocci

Eileen Rocci,
lead and harmony vocals & upright acoustic bass

Eileen Rocci: lead and harmony vocals and upright acoustic bass
Eileen lives in Vancouver, WA with her husband and two children. Her musical accomplishments – since the age of 5 years old – run from song and dance recitals, to choirs as well as plays and musicals in high school. Through college at San Diego State University she sang in choirs and rock bands. Singing acapella in the Sweet Adeline’s led to various top awards. Her current musical interests include performing with her church music ministry as well as singing and playing bass with her husband in a local bluegrass band called Northwest Passage. Eileen also writes wonderful original songs included on “Wild Rose Of The Mountain”. A vocal athlete, Eileen can both belt it out and deliver songs with touching emotion. Her extraordinary attention to detail helps define the Misty Mamas song arrangements as first class.

Tony Rocci

Tony Rocci,
lead guitar, mandolin, vocals

Tony Rocci: lead guitar, mandolin, vocals
Tony brings clean, tasteful flatpicking guitar solos and strong rhythm playing to the Pacific Northwest stage along with fine lead vocals and mandolin playing. He has performed with regional groups such as GTM String Band, Watertower, Cabin Fever Northwest and Northwest Passage. Tony began playing guitar as a teenager and has developed a large repertoire in genres of bluegrass, rock’n’roll, folk and gospel, with flatpicking awards in Oregon and Washington. MISTY MAMAS are pleased to have Tony perform with them, joining his wife Eileen Osborne Rocci, April Parker and Katherine Nitsch.

Guest artist

Guest Artist,

Misty Mamas occasionally invite guest artists to join them at gigs

Joe Lapidus: banjo, vocals
The first record that Joe Lapidus bought (at age 6) was a 45 rpm of Eddie Arnold singing "The Wabash Cannonball." Go figure for a kid raised in Albany, NY. His love for country, rock, bluegrass and folk music grew through his junior high and high school years, when he purchased his first banjo (a 35 dollar Harmony). From his late teens to his early thirties, Joe played in bluegrass/folk/country bands in Albany NY, Ithaca NY, Bloomington IN, and Nashville TN. He has played with some great musicians along the way including, Larry Clyman (Big Shoulders/Lonnie Brooks), Tom Roznowski, Austin Church and even a summer pick-up band with John Mellencamp guitarist Mike Wanchic (circa 1977). After a long musical hiatus, Joe caught the musical bug again with his wonderful collaborators in Fadin' By 9. He also plays banjo with Portland's hard drivin' bluegrass group, The Josh Cole Band. Joe has two fantastic sons who are both great musicians, Andrew and Zach, and he is also blessed to have a job he loves as an elementary school principal.

Carol Harley

Carol Harley,
lead and harmony vocals, guitar, banjo, mandolin & ukulele

Carol Harley: lead and harmony vocals, guitar, banjo, mandolin & ukulele - CAROL IS RETIRED FROM THE BAND
Carol got her first guitar at the age of 10 in Bend, OR where she grew up. Her first band, The Little Women, was formed 4 years later. Then off to Eugene, OR in 1967 for college where she was a founding member of a folk/pop band called The Sterling Generation. The group ultimately found fame competing on TV in a national talent show, representing the University of Oregon. Years later, with a Masters degree in Education from the University of Oregon, the former 5th Grade teacher answered her second calling with music when a serious skiing accident in 1990 forced her to retire. Currently, she is a founding member of the popular Portland/Vancouver acoustic Americana band, “Misty River” where she performs with her daughter Laura Quigley, and friends Chris Kokesh and Dana Abel. Carol is a multi-instrumentalist and provides solid rhythm playing and tasteful creative leads – the result of many years of practice and training in the bluegrass style. Carol’s soulful low alto voice adds depth, heart and character to the mix.